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Badrunisha, you think Heaven has forgotten you… However, in less than 48 hours, you could become one of the very privileged people capable of obtaining EVERYTHING they desire! You will immediately understand why I didn’t waste a minute to send you this exceptional message… Dear Badrunisha, As incredible as this may seem… Since midnight, last night, NOTHING more can now prevent you from seeing your most secret and most dear dreams come true! Because the Divine Providence has chosen YOU, Badrunisha! I know that this may surprise you. But in less than three minutes, after you’ve read this entire message, you will have the unquestionable proof that your life can radically change! And it can change beyond anything you’ve ever imagined. Because this is an absolutely unique Opportunity being “miraculously” offered to you. An extraordinary opportunity for major changes, which you have been waiting for a long time. And even if the troubles you still encounter today make you doubt such a reversal could be possible, forget them immediately. I promise: Luck will now enter into your life and stay with you forever! Yes, Badrunisha, Money, Love and Success will lead you towards great Happiness in the next few days and for a long time. And it will be fair. Because you must agree that you deserve to live a whole other life than the one you’re subjected to currently. So, you must understand the importance of what’s happening today by finding out what happened last night, at midnight, while I was in direct contact with the Spiritual Forces… I received some surprising revelations about you! I am going to tell you about it right away, but first, here are several important things that you must keep in mind when you read these important revelations that will ensure you lasting Luck, Money and Happiness: A few rare people have already had the opportunity to benefit from this great power that Providence has asked me to give to you. And these people are now very privileged. However, they were just like you at first, Badrunisha: they didn’t have much Luck or, more precisely, they seemed to be followed by bad luck and setbacks. Their lives were at a true crossroads, filled with problems… Not enough money, endless personal problems, an unfortunate “tendency” to always be the victim of circumstances or others’ pettiness… But today all these people are perfectly happy with wonderful lives. Free from want and troubles, as you will see in a moment. > First, know that the radical change that has taken place in these people’s lives always started the same way: At a given time, the Celestial Forces of Divine Providence sent me a message about these people. And every time, these people’s lives changes radically. So radically that there is no doubt that miraculous, benevolent forces intervened in their favor… That’s exactly what happened to you that night, Badrunisha! Yes, the Divine Providence has decided to intervene in your favor by delivering me the message that I’m sending you today, entrusting me to reveal to you (just like the other people I just told you about) what I consider to be the Supreme Power for influencing Luck and Destiny at will! Badrunisha, I’m not asking you to take my word for it, but to trust the true facts that you are about to read… First, I must make sure that you are really the person that this message and this Power are meant for… It is likely that you, Badrunisha, are truly the person that the email address where this message arrived corresponds to. If this wasn’t the case, I would ask you to immediately stop reading this confidential message because the following revelations are very personal and can only be understood by the person shown to me by the Celestial Forces… Therefore, you are: Badrunisha, and you have been chosen to receive this powerful Secret of Luck, Money and Happiness. You can start celebrating because from now on you will have everything you’ve always desired and that you have been lacking until now… It’s true that such news would cause anyone to celebrate. But it means more because it’s for you, Badrunisha, who have experienced difficult situations and whose life is filled with disappointments and frustration. And, if the message I received from the Celestial Forces is really about you, then I know that you must have faced many problems throughout your life.. It started in your childhood, like the visions I had showed me: There was initially a misunderstanding from other people because you were already “different”. I think you had already felt it and you agree with me on this. Nevertheless, what you are about to read now will surprise you. Some people, like you, Badrunisha, belong to what’s called the “Noble Hearts”. This manifests as a great sensitivity and natural generosity with a strong dislike of anything wicked and unjust. Despite what you may have been led to believe, this is not a weakness. Quite the opposite, Badrunisha, it’s a great Opportunity to be a “Noble Heart”, even though you’ve had to suffer from judgment and remarks from others. A “Noble Heart” is a sensitive soul who has, through their great sensitivity, the prodigious opportunity to break free from the fate that most people are subjected to. Today, you are being offered this “providential” opportunity to change the course of your Destiny, Badrunisha. In fact, all the troubles and setbacks that you’ve fallen victim to were somewhat “placed” in your path to test your “heart” and your “thoughts”. So, by following the path of the integrity and accepting the trials and problems with which you were confronted with dignity, you have shown that your moral resources and your strength of character were at the top of your deep values. Badrunisha, you will certainly agree with me on this: despite all the trials that you have gone through, you never sacrificed your moral values for the Money and power. These two tendencies are usually manifested by the selfishness, callousness, slander, deceit and the lack of respect for others. That is why I think I’m correct in saying you are a generous person and always respectful of others, are you not? And you can congratulate yourself for being able to follow this course of action, bringing honor to yourself. Why? Because every time that you refused to be overtaken by the bitterness or by blind anger when things didn’t go your way, you were weaving, up in Heaven, the thread of Luck and Happiness that will soon be with your forever within the next few days. Of course sometimes you were overwhelmed by discouragement and hopelessness. But every time you faced the situations with dignity. And even if sometimes you “yelled” to Heaven about your suffering and pain with a legitimate dismay, you didn’t do it out of anger or irritation, but to understand why you didn’t also deserve some Happiness. In your soul and mind, Badrunisha , can you deny the facts that I just exposed? Do they not precisely correspond to what you have experienced? So, if you have been wondering about the meaning of life and on the nature of events that have occurred since your birth, you now have the answer. And most importantly, you have the opportunity today to reap the benefits of all the patience and courage that you have shown so far. Yes, Badrunisha , today is the day you get your reward! This reward is this fabulous power that will soon be in your hands: The absolute power of Luck and Happiness! Like I told you, you are not the first “Noble Heart” to whom I am revealing this wonderful Secret that has the unlimited Power to “attract” Luck. Each time it has created true “Miracles”! So, Badrunisha, tell yourself that if this Power helped those people who, like you, were chosen by Providence to finally experience Happiness, then it will do the same for you! You’ll see the proof for yourself when this Power acts in your life. What you consider today as “Miracles” will become a daily reality for you very quickly: Incredible Luck in gambling games, beneficial events, problems which seem to solve themselves… As if under the powerful action of a mysterious and benevolent force. It also protects against all invisible assaults, negative waves and even negative thoughts… This beneficial power is clearly universal! So what is this mystical power that can transform your life forever? This mystery was revealed to me by the Celestial Forces a very long time ago while I was traveling around the world to perfect my enlightenment in mystical and esoteric sciences. Since this incredible Revelation, this wonderful Secret has always created Happiness in the lives of those who possessed it. Which is totally normal since this power was revealed to me by an “Angel”! And he called it… The “Angelic Link to Sacred Luck” To give you a simple explanation about how this Angelic Link works, think about a transmitter-receiver; when you “call” you transmit a signal that is received by the person you want to contact, and vice versa. That’s how the “Angelic Link to Sacred Luck” works, with one slight yet very important difference: the Angelic Link is a transmitter-receiver that permanently links you with the Angelic Forces! So, since you’re in “contact” with the Beneficial Forces of the Upper World, when you “transmit” a particular desire, it acts as a signal to these Celestial Forces. And they respond to this desire by immediately creating suitable conditions for this desire to come true in the physical world. >> Here is a concrete example: Marlize B ., one of the last people I helped before you, wrote me recently to tell me about her wonderful experience with the “ Angelic Link to Sacred Luck”: “I had an urgent need for money because I was riddled with debt and the collectors were harassing me… So, as soon as I received my Angelic Link to Sacred Luck, I activated it just like you told me… And what happened in just a few hours made me realize how much I had made the right decision by answering you… I was walking down the street, lost in my worried thoughts, and right as I was passing a lottery ticket seller, I suddenly heard a voice inside me say: “ Marlize , go in and buy a lottery ticket”… A bit surprised, I went inside and, as if an invisible hand were guiding me, I chose a ticket … It was a WINNING ticket! I couldn’t believe it… In less than a minute I found myself possessing a very large sum that could help me solve the urgent money problems that I had just been worrying about a few minutes earlier… And that was only the beginning…” Out of respect for her privacy, I will only send you the first few lines of her very long testimony. Because her entire life changed after receiving this “Gift from Heaven”. But these few lines already show what’s important: the “Angelic Link to Sacred Luck” is the sacred link that will permanently link you to the most powerful and benevolent forces in the universe. You’ll have nothing special to do for this. Because once it’s activated, the Angelic Link acts by itself without any effort from you. And most often it works immediately. What is the “Angelic Link to Sacred Luck”? It is an extremely complex, sacred ideogram created from a Secret Angelic language. This powerful ideogram is only “active” only during specific periods. These periods are governed by the action cycles of the 72 angels who rule the entire Spiritual World. The power of this “Angelic Link to Sacred Luck” lies in the laws of the Theurgical Magic and has mystical virtues mentioned with respect and devotion in distinguished writings of Sacred Magic. For people enlightened to the mysteries of mystic sciences, this angelic ideogram is the “supreme magic link” whose mystical powers have the extraordinary ability to create a privileged and permanent link between the World here below and the Upper World. Thus, the “Angelic Link to Sacred Luck” will “sense” your desires and “carry” them to the Celestial Forces. They will then consider your desire and send you, through your link, a Spiritual Vibration that will be able to create all the necessary conditions in the physical world for your desire to quickly come true. When you receive your “Angelic Link to Sacred Luck” you just have to follow the Secret Instructions that I will send you with it. Once it’s “activated”, you will immediately feel a beneficial energy surround your whole body and all the good things that you want to see occur will happen very quickly! Sometimes even within a few minutes! You can see for yourself when you activate the Mystical Power of the “Angelic Link to Sacred Luck”. From this moment, EVERYTHING will change in your life! ALL will be as you have always wanted! So, Badrunisha , each day for you will be a new day of Luck and Happiness. Yes, the moment that you have awaited so patiently is finally here. There is no doubt. All you have left to do in order to reap this “Reward from Heaven” is to show your desire by immediately validating your Voucher for Privileged Access to Happiness to receive this “Angelic Link to Sacred Luck” that the Divine Providence wants me to give to you. Badrunisha, be aware that what you do in the next few moments will determine your ENTIRE future! For me, by sending you this message, I am only doing the Will of the Celestial World. In any case, I won’t force you to do anything. The decision to experience an intense and lasting Happiness is all YOURS! However, Badrunisha, you must be perfectly aware of one thing: the Divine Providence rarely knocks at your door, so when it happens, you should take advantage of it right away. Because if you don’t open your door at this exact moment, who knows when, or if, it will happen again? So, Badrunisha, I’m asking you in your soul and your mind to listen to your heart and do what it tells you. The revelations you’ve learned about should be enough to convince you that you are the one chosen by the Divine Providence to finally experience the life you deserve. Now, Badrunisha, know that by proceeding with the creation of your own “Angelic Link to Sacred Luck”, which differs in certain essential points for everyone, which I must “identify”, I will strictly follow the laws and angelic periods that govern the Power of this sacred ideogram. It will therefore be totally personal and will only work in your favor. It is not a question for me, of course, to make you pay for this wonderful Secret that Divine Providence has asked me to reveal to you. A reward is not sold… especially not one granted by “Heaven”! However, given the number of hours of work it takes to create your personal “Angelic Link to Sacred Luck” in terms of research, reproduction and the very complex integration of these specific, magic signs on your ideogram, you must understand, Badrunisha, that as a fee for all the time spent for you (which consequently I won’t be able to spend doing other things), I must request a small payment of 420.00 RANDS. Now, Badrunisha, the decision to open your door to the Luck that the Divine Providence is sending you is entirely up to you. And if, as I believe, you want with all your heart to experience this better life that you deserve, then it will be a very easy decision to make. As for me, know that it is a pleasure and honor to send you this message of future Happiness from the Celestial Forces and nothing would make me happier than to see you say yes. So, I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Your sincere and devoted friend, P.S.: Badrunisha , your response must reach me as quickly as possible after you receive this message so that I can perform this important work on your personal “Angelic Link to Sacred Luck” within the periods governed by the action cycles of the 72 Angels who rule the entire spiritual world. And your period began last night at midnight and should only last for the time necessary for me to perform your personal “Angelic Link to Sacred Luck” and for you to activate it. So, don’t waste valuable time for you and this wonderful Future because it is already promised to you by the benevolent Celestial

you are a fruitful vine

“You are a fruitful vine”


My heart is for you, not against you. I take delight in the fruit of My Spirit that is beginning to manifest in you. I will do a beautiful work through your life and I will make sure that it happens.


For I have chosen you not because you are available and willing to be used, but because I knew you would be My godly lover. You have chosen to love Me and I have chosen to make your life into a masterpiece of splendor.


The reason you had to walk through dark valleys was so that the light you carry would become brighter. I have given you grace to sacrifice for Me, so that the reward I give to you will be great.


Today you will begin to see your life the way I see it – a fruitful vine, a flowing fountain, a masterpiece of love. Come closer to Me today until you have washed your eyes in My love and begin to see afresh. I wait for you to come.


Song of Songs 4:13-14 The Passion Translation

“Your inward life is now sprouting, 

Bringing forth fruit

What a beautiful paradise 

Unfolds within you!

When I’m near you I smell aromas 

Of the finest spice. 

I find many clusters

Of My exquisite fruit

Growing within Your inner garden.  

today’s verse

Today’s Verse

“Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come.” -Proverbs 31:25


Do you ever worry about the future? Maybe you wonder what bad things are going to happen just around the corner of life. I think we probably all have those moments of worry. In this verse, we see that the virtuous wife doesn’t fear the future, in fact; she laughs at it. If only we could have this attitude! The good news is I think we can. We are all human and we all have our moments of fear, but I think that we can tap into this confidence that the virtuous wife had. The answer lies with another of this woman’s qualities; she “fears the Lord.” When we have more fear or reverence for God than we do for whatever may come in the future, then we can laugh with confidence, knowing that He is greater than all adversity. – Commentary by Traci Elliott


Today’s Prayer

Heavenly Father, thank You for always being with us and giving us confidence. You are far greater than anything that may or may not happen in the future! Help us to have confidence, trust, and faith in Your ever present help. Amen.


Extensive study of your case allowed me to discover: The REAL AND HIDDEN CAUSE OF YOUR PROBLEMS of your past and current troubles! and above all, to bring you… THE FAST AND EFFICIENT SOLUTION To definitively get out of this infernal spiral of misfortune to let GOOD FORTUNE, MONEY and LOVE finally enter your life! It couldn’t be any better, in exactly 12 days you will enter straight into a new life. And most of all avoid the renewal of a 7 years cycle of bad luck and misfortune… Badrunisha, You should first of all know, Badrunisha that I managed to discover, with great difficulties though, the MYSTERIOUS CAUSE of your endless problems. Yes I now know exactly why good fortune, money and love were never able to really smile at you; on the opposite. I managed to clearly identify the precise cause that made good fortune inexorably run away, that you never stopped missing money and that Love never brought the happiness you were waiting for. And now that I have been able to identify the cause of your problems, I want to reassure you, Badrunisha, by announcing you the good news: I can bring you the EFFICIENT and DEFINITIVE solution to your problems! You have to know that the help provided to you by other clairvoyant’s and mediums was incurably meant to fail. This is due to the origin of the problem that is ruining your life. It is so unusual, that we need something very specific to bring an efficient solution to this problem. No “classic” occult help can be successful in your case. It needs a powerful intervention and above all, perfectly adapted to the specificity of your problem. A very “special” help that I modestly believe to be one of the few initiated folks able to bring it to you. This help can REALLY change everything for you; in order for good fortune and love to enter your life and start smiling at you once and for all. This is the REAL CAUSE to your endless past and current problems… What I will reveal to you in the following sentences could possibly trouble you. You will maybe even have difficulties to believe it. I can however certify Badrunisha that my revelations are true even if they may be surprising. I will provide you the undeniable truth. So right now I am not asking you to take my words for it, Badrunisha, but to let your doubts aside for a few minutes. While you read this very important letter for you and for your future life. You will then know exactly what to expect and you will be able to decide what you want to do in all good conscience. This is THE TRUTH regarding your case Badrunisha … Most of the mediums, but also many persons throughout the world, which you are part of, have the certainty that we live different lives. We call this commonly “anterior lives”. We generally don’t keep any memory of these “other” “lives”, lived previously; except for short and unexplainable impression of “déjà vu” we can feel sometimes; however they are deeply graved in our subconscious. Most of all they influence more or less our current life. That is what we are used to call “KARMA”. According to Karma; if your actions during your anterior life were positive you will benefit from a “Good Karma” and you will be largely favored in your current life. On the other hand you will suffer from the consequences of a “Bad Karma” throughout the many ordeals life imposes you in order to purify you. This is how people enjoying “good karma” generally are favored by destiny and live rich and happy lives. They live in beautiful homes, beautiful neighborhoods, and driving fancy cars…Everything seems to be successful for them (you know these kind of people, at least throughout media)… The ones under the influence of a “bad Karma”, on the other hand, are mistreated by life, without any explanation; with endless problems and a chronic bad luck…They are facing difficult end of months, different kinds of problems, incomprehension of other people and a feeling of isolation. Yes Badrunisha, you understood this well, everything is telling us that you are part of this second group; that “bad Karma” explains your current situation. I think you will be the first one to admit that the facts seem to confirm this hypothesis. You simply have to refer to this difficult and painful period you have been going through without being able to get out of it despite your good will… This so unfair and difficult to accept because this is not the responsibility of the person you are today, in this life. It is a heavy “Karmic Heritage” you would likely do without. So, Badrunisha, I can immediately reassure you by telling you, with total certainty, that this unfair burden, responsible for the difficulties and problems in your current life, will soon stop poisoning your life. For the simple and good reason that, as I already told you in the beginning of this letter, knowing the real cause for your troubles, I now know precisely which SPECIFIC AND ADAPTED SOLUTION you need! THE EFFICIENT SOLUTION to your particular case. The ONLY ONE that can DEFINITIVELY solve your current problems… To understand what is the Solution that you absolutely need, involves that you first know that our life is made of successive “Karmic Cycles” of 7 years. This means that the Karmic Cycle ends every 7 years to give way, 7 days later, to a new cycle that will start for another period of 7 years. This transition period of 7 days between 2 Karmic cycles, named “Exo-Karmic period”, That is crucial for you Badrunisha!… If nothing intervenes during this karmic transition, the next cycle will start on the same scheme as the previous one. This means, in your case, that if nothing has been done during this “exo-karmic period” of 7 days, you will be living, once again, a period of 7 years of “BAD KARMA”!… >>This is precisely what we will try to avoid, Badrunisha! We therefore have to act on the precise moment this “exo-karmic period” of 7 days will take place in order to avoid the renewal of a Cycle under influence of your “bad Karma”. On the opposite, we will initiate a new cycle under the aegis of a purified and very benefic Karma. Your whole life will radically change! This unexpected chance to change your life radically doesn’t happen by chance, Badrunisha. Here you have the evidence!… A soon as we entered in contact I had this intuition about the particularity of your case; I talked about it at the beginning of my letter. It isn’t a coincidence if I felt that the moment came for me to stop the work I was doing and to spend my time exclusively on you. As according to my calculations based on you birth date, your karmic 7 years cycle will end on Thursday 27 October 2016 to restart, 7 days later on Thursday 03 November 2016. In other words, the moment couldn’t be better for you to consider this important karmic intervention for you, Badrunisha. If it were too early, I wouldn’t have been able to ask you to be patient for another couple of months, maybe even years, until I could bring you this very special Help needed for your case. If on the other hand it was too late, I would have felt very guilty not having been able to listen to my intuition on time to avoid you to enter in a new 7 years cycle scattered with unfair ordeals. It happened at the right moment and it is crucial to act during this very short period between Thursday 27 October 2016 and Thursday 03 November 2016! Otherwise you would again be forced to suffer a new 7 years cycle under the same very unfavorable conditions! This is what you should do quickly! (it is crucial for your future life…) As soon as I receive your Priority Karmic Help Request, I will send you the “7 Magic invocation of Karmic Remission” that you will have to use carefully. It is essential: The success of our combined Action depends on the perfect application of the secret invocations instruction that I will communicate to you. Be reassured, Badrunisha, all these instructions will be perfectly clear and very simple to follow. But you will have to do this conscientiously. I will then proceed to a few powerful occult rituals in your favor to end the current proceedings of the successive negative Karmic Cycles in your life and to redirect it on POSITIVE Karmic Cycles. It is only by leading this combined intervention successfully that we will be able to prevent the negativity to impose, once again, on your next Karmic Cycle. This way you will be stuck, once again in a harmful 7 years period. I think you would agree with me that this would be the worst case scenario for you, Badrunisha. This goal is an absolute priority for me. I won’t hesitate to suspend all my consultations temporarily if I have to during your exo-karmic period in order to guarantee the perfect success of our combined Action. I can guarantee that I am fully ready to do this new effort in your favor. If this leads you to finally access the happiness you deserve it would be the best reward I could expect from my devotion to your cause. I think that you are perfectly conscious now of the crucial importance of our intervention in your favor, together, during this decisive moment, if you wish to see your life take a complete different direction; happier, richer, luckier and exciting to live. You cannot imagine how happy I am that I have had this intuition, suddenly leading me, to start the extended study of your case. And to discover the- very particular- solution, right on time we absolutely needed to definitively end this complicated, painful and disappointing period you were going through and to enter another, much more favorable cycle my dear Badrunisha. Think of what your life will be when you won’t be under the unfair influence of your “Negative Karma” anymore… First of all, you will have the feeling to be relieved from a huge psychical burden that was weighing heavily on your moral. Your “mind” will be lighter, more free and confident…In a certain way it will actually be the case. Good Fortune will start to make a great comeback in your life… The first positive signs will appear with the arrival of good news. Instead of the bad news you were used to receive until then…If you play, you will pocket a first gain; the first one won’t necessarily be stupendous, but will slowly grow into bigger amounts; this will be the sign that your financial situation is progressing in the right way. You could receive completely unexpected money amounts (heritage, compensations, refund, bonus…) You will also see other people’s attitude change towards you. Even the ones that were not paying attention to you until now or the ones avoiding you (probably due to the “bad waves” coming out of your “Bad Karma”), will now notice you and come your way to get to know you better. You will take advantage of these easy contacts to look for your soul mate, this much “expected” encounter could happen quickly and love could come and end this unbearable solitude… You can be sure, Badrunisha, that once you will be delivered from this “bad karma” burden, that has been poisoning your life until now, there will be a whole new life waiting for you. It will be completely different of what you have been enduring for such a long time! The only condition however is to decide NOW! I told you: it is now or never; we have to intervene in order to obtain the results; before it is too late. That is why I addressed this letter to you as soon as I knew that this was the EFFICIANT AND DEFINITIVE SOLUTION I had to apply on your case. So I hope that you will be as fast as I was to validate your PRIORITY KARMIC HELP REQUEST. Yes, Badrunisha, if you really want to see your life change in a radical way, obtain Good Fortune, Money and sincere Love of the one your heart chose, and to access a more intense happiness than the one in your greatest dreams, you have to act and decide NOW. Yes, NOW NOT LATER! >>Don’t forget Badrunisha: your current Karmic cycle will end on Thursday 27 October 2016 and the next one will start on Thursday 03 November 2016. We only have 7 days all in all to act and to change everything! We have to do what it takes during this short time laps to redirect your life on a Positive karmic cycle. Otherwise you will be “condemned” to suffer, once again, 7 long, painful and disappointing years. A real ordeal!… That you can avoid by validating your attached Priority Karmic Help Request immediately. You won’t regret it, Badrunisha, I can assure you. Especially as you aren’t taking any risk by accepting this Help !… Indeed, Badrunisha, even if I am 100% sure that the origin of your current and past problems lays in your “Bad Karma” and that you will be enjoying your “exo-karmic” transition period to change this in a “good Karma”, I don’t want you to hesitate to accept this capital Help I am offering you for your future life. So in order for you to avoid missing this undreamt chance to see your life take another direction, much more favorable and happy, where Good Fortune, Money and Love will finally smile at you like never before, I want to make you benefit from this Total Satisfaction Warranty (without conditions): In the unlikely case you wouldn’t see the very benefic changes happen quickly in your life, after having realized our combined actions, I engage to refund your modest participation fee integrally on a simple email request; participation fee I am asking you for the week I will spend, entirely acting in your favor. You take no risks by grabbing this chance to see your life radically change. Badrunisha, you now know the real cause of all your problems. And the only Solution to end this definitively and to give you access to what will surely be, the most beautiful period of your life. The “great moment” you have been hoping for finally came! Thursday 27 October 2016 will mark the end of the infernal Cycle of the endless bad luck that has been ruining your life for a long time, as well as the beginning of your new life…A life where nothing will hold you back from enjoying all the pleasures life has to offer and that you were lacking until now. As thanks to the “Positive Karma” you will have all the possibilities, money and love you need. What will the 7 next years of your life look like, it is up to you, and only you to decide, Badrunisha : Happiness or problem?…It depends on you! Your sincere and devoted friend, P.S. : Badrunisha, don’t forget that, if you don’t act on time, in other words now, in order to be sure you’ll enjoy this undreamt possibility to change your Karma, you will be starting 7 other long and painful years of endless difficulties…An eternity! That is why, I am begging you not to lose a moment to answer me, do it IMMEDIATELY!

Fond Farwell

Wow beautiful said

Journey of Awakening

Without regret or tears,
You have taught me,
What I could not learn,
On my own.

Even now,
I feel love from you,
That you could not,
Give to me.

I forgive all trespasses,
And wish you fond farewell,
For your path forward,
Filled with peace and love.

Any tears now,
Is full of joy.
For I have found love,
For myself.

May you heal,
As you deserve,
For your soul,
To rest in peace.

Our work is done,
Our karma released.
I let go of your soul,
So I can move forward.

Onto horizons of gold,
From lessons learned,
To never repeat again,
So my heart can heal.

Goodbye and farewell,
May you find the love,
That I finally found,
To cherich and sustain you.

(Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

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What is Faith?

Thank you lots of hugs

Journey of Awakening


I have never been a religious person.  My family is Buddhist, but we never practiced any religion in my family and I consider myself nonreligious, but a spiritual person.  My spiritual practices now are not based in any one religion, because I believe that all religions share fundamentally the same principals of compassion, unconditional love, forgiveness, kindness, etc.  In other words, I choose to see that we are all alike in our beliefs rather than different regardless of our religion.

One principal that I have learned during my spiritual practice in the past two and half year is the concept of faith.  My understanding of faith is the belief that we have power within to change our lives,  and when we seek the path of our truth, consider everyone we meet as our teacher to learn the lessons for our lives, then we shall be protected along this path, and…

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Finding Soul Love

Beautiful said I love your reading your life stories and insights you inspire me

Journey of Awakening


Our souls want to be loved for who we are. It is a deep seeded feeling we have within the depth of our souls for this connection.  Before we can share this soul love with another, we must first find self love for ourselves. Our souls must first come to accept who we are as we are.  We must feel that we are deserving of this soul love. We must love the being we are right now with all the flaws and blemishes, and still feel deserving of unconditional love.  We must fall in love with ourselves first, before we feel that we deserve love unconditionally or that we can love another unconditionally.

 We all seek this love externally, hoping others can complete us or make us into better people.  Unfortunately, this cannot happen.  Only we can complete us, and only we can make ourselves better people, not to…

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Joy Behind The Door

God bless mwa


When joy knocks on your door will you answer? Your opportunity  to be free from hurt, pain and bondage patiently waits for your arrival. Will you let joy in? The truth is that many times we dont. We allow the obstacles that we face to discourage us and turn our backs on joy. Well i am ready fo let joy in. Imagine living in a world where your spirit is at peace. Now this idea may seem foreign  to us because trials will
come but we must dig deeper. What if there was more to life than what you see? Life is more of an internal experience that a physical one if you really think about it. So lets dig a little deeper. I dare you to strip away what you see externally and see yourself real and raw. See yourself for who you truly are and seperate yourself…

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